Sunday, 31 July 2011

my cousin's wedding

hai! it's been a while i'm not updating my blog. since, aku mengidap satu penyakit. name saintifik penyakit aku adalah manakupblo, yang membawe maksud malas-nak-update-blog. hahahaha. there are many interesting event happened lately. like..... i'm turning 20. well, that is not interesting actually. =(

back to the subject! yesterday was my cousin wedding. we are not so closed since he is like 7 years older than me... besttttt! jumpe sedare mare. i'm jawarist. peace! orang jawe terkenal dgn masakan yang banyak2. what i meant is, orang jawe kalaw memasak, diorang akan masak dalam kuantiti yang banyak plus seeeedap sangat. so, it's not a problem to cook for 2000 guest. read my lips, its not 200, it's 2000. two with the 3 zeros. teror kan makcik2 aku nih.

pagi2 lagi kiteorang dah busy.... busy amek gambar... =p

it's dedeq n me

dedeq making weird faces

try to eat these flower. cause i'm hungryyyy!

no comment la dedeq. hahaha

after having our breakfast. kak long, dedeq n me ahead to the senai airport... gudbye dedeq. see u next week dear. sob sob. 

sepupu yang merangkap 'king of the day' dah bagi aku tugas untuk merakam event itu. kiteorng start merakam    di butik 'mak' andam tu. actually 'pak andam'. time tu jugak la bateri flash light kakak aku nak habes. so, we decided to go to the 7e yang tak jauh dari rumah pak andam tu. 

sori terbalik =p

here the 'hang tuah'.

my cousin Arshad. he is like a brother to me. 

The wedding start at 2pm. it was awesome. here is the bride and the groom.

why i'm doing that weird faces? huh. 

time kat wedding tu, all my cousin at my age already have a steady boyfie o fiance. i'm happy for for me, i'm not ready yet for those stuff. i love my life being single person. kalaw ikut life plan, i'll be married at 27. heee. skew kan kawin lambt. hahah.just follow the flow. that's all for now.

thanks for reading.
i'm not gud in writing am i? hahaha.
this is cause by the manakupbldisease.
it getting worst n worst each day. =p


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